• Lift Planning

    Unique Heavylift Solutions for Complex Projects

Detailed Lift Planning

When renting equipment from Buckner, we provide you with more than just a machine. Our customers receive the assurance that every detail of our lift has been examined by experts in the field of heavylift operations. Beginning with estimating, our team examines each project from the ground up to provide the ideal solution for each unique situation, with an emphasis on reducing cost and complexity.


Team of Lift Planners

Buckner’s strong culture of teamwork ensures that as a plan comes to fruition, it is not merely the result of one individual residing in a cubicle. The large projects our equipment and team take on require a collaboration to make sure the lift is executed as smoothly as possible. Our engineers work closely with account executives, project managers, mechanics, and operators to guarantee that every aspect of a job is feasible.

State of the Art Capacities

Liebherr lattice boom crawler cranes offer outstanding capacities with their variable boom systems. Buckner Heavylift Cranes is proud to own the largest Liebherr crawler crane fleet in the Americas, handling some of the most complex and heaviest lifts both safely and economically. When planning to use a Liebherr lattice boom crawler crane on a heavylift project, it is important to think beyond just the lifting radius and load capacity chart. Ballast trays and ballast wagons can be utilized to significantly increase the crawler crane’s lifting capacities.

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