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Here at Buckner Companies we are constantly looking for new and exciting talent to join our team. Our needs and openings are shifting regularly and span our departments from office support staff to equipment support and operations team members to field hands. Our ideal candidates are self motivated, detail oriented, hardworking and looking to find a team where they can grow and thrive in their role. Learn more below on our opportunities and how to send in your information for consideration.

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Going the Distance Together

At Buckner Companies, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and they are the thing that pushes our culture forward. Our goal is to work with our team to create an environment where they love coming to work each day and we push each other to do our best work both internally and for our customers. When looking at potential candidates we value signs of a strong team spirit and a willingness to collaborate and push forward with a sense of collective thinking and discussion. This sense of teamwork is inherent to Buckner’s history and plans for the future.

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Welcoming a Variety of Experience

One of the unique aspects of the Buckner team is the large variety of backgrounds and experience coming together. Throughout our divisions we have people with backgrounds ranging from the more traditional construction industry to progressive technology start-ups. This combination of experiences allows us to view issues and challenges from all angles and with fresh perspectives. We welcome applications and interest from all walks of life and encourage prospective employees to explore ways their previous paths can help open a new door here at Buckner.

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Building a Trained Workforce

In addition to the everyday skills that develop in your job, Buckner strives to offer training, certifications and accreditations to our employees in all areas of the company. This type of ongoing training allows employees to grow along with the industry and keeps Buckner at the forefront of new innovations. Talent development is something we are passionate about and we encourage applicants to ask more about how we can work together to grow.

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Creating a Career Path

Our goal is to create careers, not just jobs. As a business focused on building local and national economies we search for employees who are looking to create a lasting path with our team. Our managers and executives come from all walks of life and have forged their own unique paths in the industry. This type of forward planning creates a culture where we encourage our employees to map their future. We participate in multiple events and career fairs throughout the year where we focus on a message of being an architect of your own future and working with our team to reach your own goals.

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