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Culture has become a buzzword recently in many corporate board rooms, here at Buckner it is something that has been evolving and growing for our company over the last seven decades. These habits, customs and ways-of-life have come together to create the essential culture of our team. What is now a marketing headline, has always existed here at Buckner. Our unique mixture of innovation and history have allowed us to curate a combination of employees spanning decades of generations and spectrums of professional experience.

We not only look to our employees to add value but we have created an environment where we are responsible to add value to their lives as well. Through various programming Buckner has put a high focus on employee wellness and our community outreach. We believe that as our resources continue to grow so does our responsibility to create a positive impact on those around us in the office, in our local community and in the wider national and international areas we serve. We value this company lifestyle we have created and look forward to watching how it continues to expand in the future.

Our culture is created by our team, constantly evolving and expanding, changing the way we work both internally and throughout the industry.


Though we’ve been in business for over 70 years, what has kept us healthy and vibrant as a company is a passion for new ideas and ways of operating. People notice it the minute they walk into our office, built largely with materials salvaged from past jobs we’ve done and whose high ceilings and large glass windows promote collaboration and innovation. We love to push the boundaries of what is possible for our industry, from the sight of hundreds of ironworkers doing calisthenics as the sun rises to erecting acres and acres of wind turbines across the US. Our talented employees and industry partners challenge us and push us forward as we work together to explore the limits of what’s possible.


Whether our days consist of turning wrenches, welding splices or sitting at a desk issuing purchase orders, we all have a need for balance and fulfillment. Our commitment to wellness as a company is driven by our desire to support every member of the Buckner family in achieving their goals for health and wellness, which in turn makes us a healthier and more productive as an organization. We love a little healthy competition, and when we’re not training for the Buckner Mission Man Triathlon, we’re competing to see which team can average the most steps in a day (our ironworkers win every time!) Since wellness is so much more than physical activity, we take time out each year to focus on mental health, nutrition, relationships and how to deal with the challenges that come with life on the road.


While the work we do is fulfilling in itself, we want to reach beyond the structures we build in giving back to the communities we work in. The hard, quality work that our employees put in allows us to invest in initiatives that benefit youth, help end hunger or homelessness and build healthier and more vibrant communities. We continue to build rich culture of service to others through volunteering together, donating the use of our equipment and skills and by forming meaningful partnerships with nonprofits, making a difference where we live and work. In addition to erecting the hospitals, factories and stadiums of tomorrow, we take pride in working to build a better world.


Buckner started as a small crew of rod-busters and has grown to include a family of nearly 500 crane operators, ironworkers, welders, riggers, project managers, truck drivers and a staff that supports every aspect of our field operations. We’re still a family company, and one that has worked hard to maintain an environment of care and concern for our most valuable asset – our employees. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep our crews working through slower periods, which has brought us many loyal employees over the years – including some who have been with us for over 60 years and others who have three generations of their family working for Buckner. We love family gatherings and home cooked food, and invite our families and industry partners to join us each year for some out-there dishes like frog legs and chitlins. Come join us sometime and see what the Buckner family is all about.

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