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Buckner Companies offers over 65 years of experience in the heavy lifting, industrial rigging, steel and precast erection sectors. We have grown and continue to thrive by ensuring our customers' success. Every project provides its own challenges. Through our dedication to excellence and commitment to safety, we deliver on our promise of "making the impossible lifts" and ensuring that we meet the most demanding project schedules. Contact us today to put our capabilities to work for you.

Buckner Steel Erection

Buckner Steel Erection

is known throughout the industry for meeting and often exceeding the most demanding schedules, making the "Impossible Lifts", while never sacrificing project safety. We approach every project with a spirit of partnership to be an essential part of your project success.

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Buckner HeavyLift Cranes

Buckner HeavyLift Cranes

is more than a crawler crane rental company. Our heavy lift crane services offer our customers some of the most talented lift planners, field technicians, operators, and engineers. We also offer years of practical experience with the latest technology.

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Buckner Industrial Rigging

Buckner Industrial Rigging

is a full service industrial rigging firm servicing clients across the United States while supporting our divisions' rigging needs. We handle the most complex rigging challenges with our specialized rigging equipment and talented team.

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Buckner Engineered Lift Planning

Buckner Engineered Lift Planning

assures that every detail of your lift has been examined by experts in the fields of heavy lift and rigging operations. When minutes spent in preparation can save days of delays in the field, Buckner is a partner you can count on.

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Buckner Companies Heavy Lifting

The Job Outlook for Specialty Contracting

We’re a specialty contractor offering Steel Erection, Crawler Crane Rentals, and Industrial Rigging services. This rapidly growing industry has seen decades of declining interest in young adults who want to enter the work force. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, the demand for people in this profession is expected to grow

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Buckner Companies and Skanska USA Building Win SC&RA Environmental Award

“SC&RA named Buckner Companies, Graham, N.C., and Skanska USA Building, Inc., New York, New York, the first winners of the Association’s Environmental Award on April 16 during closing night ceremonies of the Annual Conference in San Diego, Calif. Buckner was recognized primarily because its new headquarters simultaneously serves as a vivid demonstration of material salvage


Chiller Removal and Installation

Mar2015   contributed by: Buckner Companies Buckner Industrial Rigging (BIR) was awarded the lifting and rigging support for the removal of an existing 40,000lb centrifugal water chiller and the install of a new chiller weighing 50,000lbs.  The challenging aspects of the project were working in an operational hospital in a restricted space only 17’ wide. With

This website provides insights into how we can help make your project a reality. Buckner deploys the highest quality and most reliable equipment in the industry, operated by highly experienced and skilled personnel. Whether you’re building an arena, airport control tower, industrial building, parking garage, or other large structures, we offer the technology and the knowledge to bring it to fruition. Contact us today to put our capabilities to work for you.